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Day 2

After a bright start to the morning the promised rain has arrived here in our beautiful part of West Wales.

It has certainly not detered the childrens enthusiasm or dampened their spirits as they all headed out excitedly for their morning activity sessions. I was fortunate to join Ramsey Group on the Woodland Scramble and where better to be when its raining than enjoying the water and mud!

On our return Jono had kindly lit the log burner in the games room. It was lovely to see the children chilling on the sofa’s around the fire after lunch with some of their staff prior to heading out again for some more adventurous activities.

Luckily for us it seems we have only picked up the tail end of the heavy rainfall that some of the country has experienced and if the predictions are correct weather improving again tomorrow.

Tom Sellen leading the Woodland Scramble

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