Sit-on-top Sea Kayaking


Sea Kayaking at Morfa Bay Adventure is a great chance to explore the local coastline and take in the sights of Carmarthen Bay.
Our coastal paddle involves getting up close to the wildlife and venturing into secluded coves and caves.

Surf Skiing Also Available!

When the swell is too big to travel we use our sit on kayaks to play in the surf at our local beach Pendine Sands.
You will learn how to paddle both with and against the surf, balance techniques (very useful when paddling over broken waves) and how to catch and surf waves effectively.
A great activity for beginners and the more experienced.

  • If you’re looking for a short coastal tour of the Carmarthenshire coastline then you’ve come to the right place. Sea Kayaking from Pendine Sands has it all.

  • The experience will bring you up close with the coastline it’s wildlife and the stunning scenery of Carmarthen Bay and beyond.

  • We provide all of the safety gear required, and our highly trained staff will be with you at all times encouraging you as you go along.

Please note: All bookings must be confirmed by Morfa Bay Adventure. Following the submission of this activity booking we will contact you to confirm the number of persons or to arrange a new date if the activity is unavailable on the chosen day.