Crate Stack/Leap of Faith


Crate Stack / Leap of Faith

Crate Stack

The ideal problem solving activity that involves teams working together to construct a tower of crates. As a pair of climbers progress, other participants assist by either passing the crates or belaying their team mates.

Leap of Faith

An individual pursuit consisting of three stages –

  1. Climb the ‘Green Route’
  2. Position yourself on the platform
  3.  Take the ‘Leap of Faith’ and reach out for the trapeze

Set the bar high

On the completion of our latest activity tower in 2019, both Crate Stack and Leap of Faith have become two very popular activity options for groups of varying age and ability.

  • Participants are kitted out in either a sit or chest harness depending on the activity. This is followed by a demonstration on how to use the safety equipment correctly.

  • Under the careful guidance of a qualified instructor the activity begins with participants either belaying or climbing.

  • As the activity progresses different tasks are introduced to challenge those taking part. Such as setting the trapeze at a further distance from the platform.

Please note: All bookings must be confirmed by Morfa Bay Adventure.
Following the submission of an activity enquiry we will contact you to confirm the booking or to propose an alternative date if the activity is unavailable on the chosen day.