Coasteering is the ultimate open water, coastal, adventure activity. It consists of sea swimming, low level traversing, rock scrambling and jumping into the water at varying heights. Ideal for both the beginner and those that want to push their limits to the next level.

The best way to take in the coastline

Coasteering in South West Wales has become one of the fastest growing outdoor adventure sports, with Pembrokeshire being one of leading destinations in the UK. Set amongst the stunning yet rugged Welsh coastline, Coasteering allows the participant to explore caves, feel the sea swell, experience the ‘washing machine’ and test your nerve at jumping into open water. We offer sessions throughout the year at various locations across South West Wales.

Working in partnership with

  • Our bespoke Coasteering sessions focus on the individual/group and are adapated in a way to ensure that there is both an element of challenge and enjoyment

  • Wetsuit & safety equipment is included as well as expert guidance from our experienced instructors

  • Not one session is the same with the sea and tides exposing us to different challenges each time

Please note: All bookings must be confirmed by Morfa Bay Adventure. Following the submission of this activity booking we will contact you to confirm the number of persons or to arrange a new date if the activity is unavailable on the chosen day.