Axe Throwing


Experience the thrill of throwing an axe or a knife at a target in this popular activity. Whether you want to replicate what you’ve seen in the movies, test your aim or just want to do a bit better than your mates, this is a great activity for all groups. Don’t worry, the activity is closely supervised and extremely safe!

Sharpen Your Wits…

Axe and knife throwing is one of our most popular activities as it mixes your ability to aim with physical strength. It’s one thing throwing a ball, it’s something else entirely to wield these items and throw them accurately.

With a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it, and your results will only improve.

Our targets allow you to see what you’re doing right – and what you’re doing wrong – so you can improve your technique for the best results.

Can you beat your mates?

  • First of all, get the feeling of holding the axe and knife. Get used to their weight and how they feel.

  • Once you’re comfy, step up to the mark and take your aim. Take a deep breath and throw – it’s out of your control after this.

  • How did you do? Evaluate your technique and try again – then try more after that. How good can you get your aim?

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