Outdoor education sector urges Boris Johnson to “allow overnight school trips”

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The UK Outdoors group is writing to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to highlight the impact of the ongoing ban on overnight educational visits. 

The UK Outdoors group, which includes bodies such as The Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres (AHOEC), the Institute for Outdoor Learning, the British Activity Providers Association, and the Outdoor Council, said it was continuing discussions with the Government on the restarting of overnight educational visits.

“Ensuring all children and young people can benefit from these rich and varied educational experiences is imperative to helping students, schools and the education sector recover from Covid.”

UK Outdoors

For the full article please click on the following link; https://www.schooltravelorganiser.com/news-and-ideas/outdoor-education-sector-urges-boris-johnson-to-allow-overnight-school-trips/8835.article