Getting muddy and mucky is all part of the fun in this physical activity.


Mud Assault Course

Set within 3 acres of on-site woodland our Military Style Mud Assault Course offers a fun filled challenge for all ages and abilities. Getting muddy and mucky is all part of the fun in this physical activity, as you tackle all of the obstacles in front of you and have a great laugh at the same time.

It’s Going To Get Dirty

The course itself consists of a variety of different obstacles such as rope traverses, mud crawls, water tubes, cargo nets, the list goes on. Designed as a team event along a designated route, our infamous Mud Assault Course has become a popular choice for those preparing for such events as ‘Tough Mudder’ & ‘X Runner’. Of course, if you just want to run around in the mud with your mates and have a great time, then our mud assault course is also a great chance to do just that!

  • When you arrive at the mud assault course you better be wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. There’s no way you’re going to come out of the other end clean!

  • Our staff will prep you about the trials ahead on the assault course, and you can plan your approach with your groups. If you’re competitive, you can turn it into a race!

  • As you progress further along the mud assault course the challenges will become greater and teamwork is a must. It’s a physical event, but also a great laugh!

Please note: All bookings must be confirmed by Morfa Bay. Following the submission of this activity booking we will contact you to confirm the number of persons or arrange a new date if the activity is unavailable on the chosen day.

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