Why walk along a beach when you could zip across it at high speeds?


Land Yachting

Why walk along a beach when you could zip across it at high speeds? Our land yachting activity vouchers are ideal for those who wish to experience the thrill of travelling at high speed just inches above the famous Pendine Sands – home of numerous land speed records and attempts!

Race Along The Pendine Sands

Out of all the outdoor activities we offer, land yachting is perhaps the most thrilling. This historic beach has seen many land speed records and when you’re this close to the sand you too will feel like you’re breaking records! Sessions are of course wind dependent – if there is not enough wind, an alternative activity will be offered, or the opportunity to book another date will be available. You will also need to bring sunglasses, warm clothes, waterproofs and gloves to be properly prepared for the activity.

  • Our land yachting sessions start with a safety briefing and a quick chat about various techniques and turns, and a little knowledge about harnessing the wind etc.

  • You will start off on a figure of 8 course, learning basic turns, and then progress onto a more advanced course learning more difficult and quicker land yachting turns.

  • With a Half Day voucher you may even get the chance to explore the famous beach at your own will (always under the supervision of a fully qualified instructor).

Please note: All bookings must be confirmed by Morfa Bay. Following the submission of this activity booking we will contact you to confirm the number of persons or arrange a new date if the activity is unavailable on the chosen day.

AVAILABILITY: Land Yachting is only available on weekends.

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