Get first hand experience of what the trenches of World War 1 were like for the heroes who fought in the war.


Back To The Front

Our World War One trench system is now open to schools, youth groups and other organisations to visit and experience as an educational resource in commemoration of the Great War. The aim is to educate and enlighten visitors about the harsh conditions and daily struggle so many men and women had to endure.

Virtual tour of the trenches

Experience The Great War

A war that is remembered in almost every town, village and city in the British Isles. Hardly a family escaped the loss of a loved one in that terrible conflict.

Here at Morfa Bay Adventure, we want to honour the memory of all those who suffered the hardships of trench life, so we have reconstructed elements of a British Trench System for schools.

  • Stand on a fire-step and peer into No Man’s Land.
  • See the fields of barbed wire and wonder what it was like to go “Over the Top!”
  • Feel what it was like to sit in the machine-gun post in full view of the enemy.
  • Imagine how awful to share your (cold) breakfast with the snails and rats.
  • Understand what it’s like to get lost in the maze of trenches – maybe under fire!
  • See the toilet conditions the men had to endure in view of their pals.